Fiji 2.1

Work & play like a pro

Fiji 2.1 is an amazingly powerful sound system for its compact size, ideally suited to your office, home entertainment, music, and gaming needs.

With Fiji 2.1, you will experience the realism and physical sensation of a live concert: sound pressure and powerful dynamics delivered with the accuracy of a dual concentric sound source that acts as a point source.

The components of Fiji 2.1 are typically deployed by audio professionals for musical theater applications or in upscale hospitality venues. Our design team has assembled these very same building blocks into a residential package to bring professional audio into your home.

Includes: LA2Xi, X4i (two), Syva Sub

1.3 m

Optimal Listener Position

6 m²

Sweet Spot

20 m²

Listening Area

124 dB

Maximum SPL

2,400 W


Fiji 5.1 and beyond

Fiji can be custom designed for any audio format–from 5.1 to Dolby Atmos with an unlimited number of channels–and integrated seamlessly with home technology via our certified integration partners.​

Please contact our experts to start a conversation about your next project, seek audio advice, and connect with the best integration partner for your needs.

At Hugo Heathcote’s events, sound always takes center stage.

I have been using L-Acoustics products for more than ten years. Wherever I’m playing or producing events around the world, with large or small L-Acoustics sound systems, I can always rely on their distinctive sonic signature.

Hugo Heathcote

DJ, event producer, and promoter

Hugo’s credits include Glastonbury’s legendary Rabbit Hole, Wilderness, Secret Garden and Wonderfruit to DJ’ing and producing events for Cartier, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Givenchy, Apple, and more. Following a memorable cinematic experience in surround sound circa 2008, Hugo realized that he wanted to bring immersive audio to dance floors globally. “If you can do it in a cinema, surely you could do it on a dance floor.”

Hugo would go on to co-found Polygon Productions, producing cutting-edge events in L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound around the world.

360° L-ISA stage at Wonderfruit Festival, Thailand

The Pro Audio DNA of Fiji 2.1

As much as you’ll enjoy your Fiji 2.1 sound system at home or in the office, we thought you’d like to know that the very same loudspeakers can be heard in the following select locations.

Barbican Theatre, London, UK
Britannia Hotel, Trondheim, Norway
Coco Restaurant, Paris Opera, France

Fiji 2.1

Hawaii 2.1

Tahiti 2.1

Tonga 2.1

Ibiza 2.0
Optimal Listener Position1.3 m2.6 m3.5 m7 m1.5 m
Sweet Spot6 m²8 m²20 m²32 m²DJ position
Listening Area20 m²80 m²200 m²800 m²DJ stage
Maximum SPL124 dB133 dB133 dB140 dB142 dB
Power2,400 W4,000 W4,000 W8,000 W24,000 W
Amplified ControllerLA2XiLA4XLA4XLA4XLA12X
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