Bring the Concert Home

Our Archipel range - Fiji, Hawaii, Tahiti, Tonga, and Ibiza — represent a selection of our professional loudspeakers and amplifiers systems. Each system is specially designed to easily connect to your home envionment and tuned to offer the very same sonic sensations as a festival or live show: goosebumps guaranteed.

Connect at Home with Ease

Our Archipel systems harness the technologies used by professionals for private use by music lovers Your preferred audio and audiovisual content, sources, and playback devices connect seamlessly to L-Acoustics systems. We can even recommend a selection of the best performing devices that we have tested for you.

Sound Systems for Your Lifestyle

Modern architecture brings interesting and unusually shaped spaces which sometimes present acoustic challenges that are readily addressable in pro audio. Add to that the ability to dial up the volume without distortion when guests are in the mood for dancing and in Archipel you’ve got a range of versatile solutions to suit any space or lifestyle.

Paul Keating

Director of Corporate & Private Relationships, LAcoustics Creations

Beyond our preconfigured Archipel systems, our experts together with your integrators are available to design custom installations to suit your needs, meticulously modeled to perform optimally in your space. Our full product range shares the same L-Acoustics pro audio DNA and world-renowned sonic signature.

Bring the Concert Home

"Audio that takes your breath away may seem like magic, but it's really about the science. At L-Acoustics, I am fortunate to be part of a team which has been studying, measuring and shaping the future of pro audio for decades. The L-Acoustics sonic signature has become the benchmark for sound reproduction worldwide."

Christophe Combet
  • a solid, tight low end contour that packs a steady punch at any level;
  • distortion-free dynamics;
  • clarity and intelligibility;
  • mastery of the metrics of performance, available power,and coverage.

"These factors all contribute achieving sound that is natural, believable, and true to the source. Everything we do aims to ensure that listeners forget the loudspeakers and simply enjoy what they hear."

Florent Bernard

Christophe Combet

Executive Director of Research & Development

Florent Bernard

Executive Director of Application Design & Education

Stereo Sound Surround Sound

Fiji 2.1

Hawaii 2.1

Tahiti 2.1

Tonga 2.1

Ibiza 2.0

Fiji 5.1

Hawaii 5.1

Tonga 7.1
Reference Listener Position 1.3 m 2.6 m 3.5 m 6.9 m 1.5 m 1.3 m 2.6 m 4.8 m
Sweet Spot 6 m² 8 m² 20 m² 32 m² DJ position 14 m² 45 m² 95 m²
Listening Area 20 m² 80 m² up to 200 m² up to 800 m² DJ stage 20 m² 80 m² up to 200 m²
Sound Pressure Level (unweighted peak) > 117 dB > 117 dB > 117 dB > 117 dB > 117 dB > 117 dB > 117 dB > 117 dB
Frequency Range 20 - 20k Hz 20 - 20k Hz 20 - 20k Hz 20 - 20k Hz 20 - 20k Hz 20 - 20k Hz 20 - 20k Hz 20 - 20k Hz
Power 2.400 W 4.000 W 4.000 W 8.000 W 24.000 W 4.800 W 8.000 W 12.000 W
L-Acoustics speaker
2 x X4i
2 x X8
2 x SYVA
2 x SYVA
6 x KARA
2 x SB18
5 x X4i
5 x X8
3 x SYVA
4 x X8
L-Acoustics Amplified Controller 1 x LA2Xi 1 x LA4X 1 x LA4X 2 x LA4X 2 x LA12X 2 x LA2Xi 2 x LA4X 3 x LA4X
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