The Ultimate Auditorium

Step inside, recline and unwind as you embark upon an otherworldly musical journey. This is Island, the fusion of concert-grade audio technology and visionary interior design, engineered to immerse the listener in music as you have never heard it before.

Island is the all-in-one lifestyle enclave that serves your entertainment needs. With the push of a button, Island gently rotates to face any direction in the round. Spin to gaze out the window and enjoy the sun streaming in or seek shade on a sweltering day before pivoting anew toward your screen to engage with rich media content.




Coaxial Speakers






Integrated Power

Island Prestige Natural Island Natural
Island Prestige Night Island Night

Island Prestige

Island Prestige is the lifestyle solution imagined and crafted by our designers to meld sublime aesthetics into optimal comfort. Whether settling down to watch your favorite film or hosting an immersive music-filled evening, Island’s highly versatile interior adapts to any circumstances.

The clean, modern lines of Island Prestige exist in two high-gloss lacquer exterior finishes with visible wood grain veneer patterns: Natural and Night.

Ergonomically Designed

The ergonomically designed modular seating area features movable elements and cushions that can be easily repositioned for optimum indulgence and well-being.

The top rim of the outer shell is covered in fabric with a light layer of padding, creating an inviting softness that doubles as a seating surface. Seating can even be removed entirely to create additional space inside Island, further widening the set of lifestyle use options available to you and your guests.

Making Island Your Own

We welcome collaboration with your interior designers and architects to adapt Island to your personal lifestyle. Please get in touch to initiate a conversation with our engineering department about making Island truly unique and yours.

Island’s Immersive Technology

There are no shortcuts to sublime sound. Island shares the sonic signature of L‑ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound, L‑Acoustics trailblazing technology for live performances built upon a proprietary multichannel, object-based audio platform.

Hidden Power

Island’s sleekly beautiful oval conceals a veritable treasure trove of uncompromising components and cutting-edge technology. Beneath the surface lie the solutions that serve the professional concert industry, reshaped and reimagined for unmatched performance and power. Each channel within Island draws a colossal 1kW of power to drive a dedicated speaker, faithfully reproducing dynamics that exceed the limits of conventional high-end hi-fi.

The Bubble Deck

The Bubble Deck is a sleek device designed to host and display exquisite Bubbles as they play your favorite recordings. As the only visible technological element of your installation, the Bubble Deck also gives you convenient control of essential player functions of Island or Ocean such as volume, pause and skip.

Island Configuration and Installation

Self-contained, plug-and-play aesthetic perfection. Island requires no additional acoustic treatment to the room and can be installed in a day’s work. 

1. Frontal speakers, 2. Subwoofer, 3. Surround speakers, 4. Overhead speakers (optional), 5. Projection screen

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