The Exceptional Reproduction of Blu 23.1 Standard

The Blu 23.1 standard offers 24 independent playback channels that create music of stunning realism, projecting you straight to center stage.

In search of absolute authenticity, BluBubbles revisits the fundamentals of musical reproduction by ensuring that playback fully restitutes the richly layered, multidimensional techniques of modern professional recording. As a result, you enjoy the exact same sound experience in Island as the musical producer or as a musician playing with an ensemble.

Immersive Hyperreal Sound

Whether recorded live or in the studio, the musical signals remain uncompressed and retain the full dynamics of the performance. You hear exactly what the artist intended. Thanks to the tools developed by L-Acoustics L‑ISA Labs engineers, producers can craft an acoustic landscape, creatively placing individual sounds such as voices and instruments, and dimensioning each at will to achieve the desired result.  

The final musical arrangement imparts an experience that even the best high-fidelity systems can never rival: a medium that fully translates the immediacy of a live performance into timeless art.