Capture the Impossible

At the heart of L Acoustics Creations lies the conviction that music is a multidimensional art form that can be reproduced in a way that authentically conveys all the subtleties and dynamics of outstanding performances. Our BluBubbles suite of services allows us to capture and preserve what was once ephemeral in a revolutionary immersive format that defies reality to achieve hyperreal fidelity.

Hear exactly what the artist intended. Perceive the acoustic landscape in a musical arrangement that teems with detail. It breathes, it pulsates, it lives, giving the musical creation an unforgettable signature and enveloping the listener in the music, the moment, and the emotion.


Bubbles invite the listener inside the music, creating a uniquely fulfilling sense of connection and involvement with the art.

BLU 23.1

L-Acoustics Creations proprietary Blu 23.1 listening format delivers truly lossless, uncompressed audio in unprecedented spatial resolution.

BluBubbles Editions

Our growing Sound Art Gallery offers limited edition Bubbles recordings for discerning music lovers and sound art collectors.