Island Music Salon and Cinema

Installation: September 2016, Private Residence, Hampstead London, UK

The owner of this stunning residence in Hampstead, London is an astute lover of music and cinema who has opted for the best of both worlds, making Island a cultural hub which caters to both passions. As the centerpiece of the music salon, Island provides hours of listening enjoyment across every format, including fully immersive, limited edition Bubble content. Island shares the space with a grand piano, offering an attractive location for intimate gatherings that combine live performance in a comfortable setting and recorded music for atmosphere.

The installation doubles as a home cinema. In just a matter of seconds and the touch of smartphone screen, the space transforms: shades come down, lights dim, a motorized screen lowers, and Island rotates to face the screen for ideal viewing—and listening—conditions. When film credits roll, shades and screen roll up, and Island can turn to face the pool area, as natural light streams in and a favorite concerto commences.

This Island features a bespoke design in natural wood, specially conceived to complement the clean, contemporary lines of its surroundings.