Glassforms: Bruce Brubaker & Max Cooper

A major figure of the American post-modern music scene, pianist Bruce Brubaker is joined by young Irish electro producer Max Cooper as the duo present a live reinvention of a series of Philip Glass’s piano works.

The American minimalism current, which uses repetitive motifs to generate a hypnotic effect, is a seminal source of inspiration for electronic music. This relationship appears in a striking and vibrant way in Glasstronica , a vast transversal project bringing together pianist Bruce Brubaker, privileged performer of Philip Glass, and electro producer Max Cooper, an adventurous musician at the forefront of the contemporary scene. Together, mixing piano and machines, they “remix” pieces for Philip Glass’s solo piano and accentuate the rhythmic power of his music.

Duration: about 1h25

  • 18 May 2019
  • 20.30
  • Salle des concerts – Cité de la musique