Soundwalk Collective: Ulysses Syndrome

The Artwork

A musical narrative of the Mediterranean, an immersive installation of sound and lights, which retraces Ulysses’ journey along the coasts of the Middle East, Italy, Northern Africa and Southern Europe. The Soundwalk Collective intercepted fragments of stories, fragile harmonies, an audible entropy. A trove of chance encounters of noises, music and voices. An ‘état des lieux’ of the Mediterranean and its relation to the sea: a map, drawn by means of sound.

The Artist

Soundwalk Collective is a multi-disciplinary audio-visual collective founded by Stephan Crasneanscki, including members Simone Merli and Kamran Sadeghi. 

The Collective’s approach to composition combines anthropology, ethnography, non-linear narrative, psycho-geography, the observation of nature, and explorations in recording and synthesis. The source material of their works is always linked to specific locations, natural or artificial, and requires long periods of investigative travel and field work. 

  • June – July 2018
  • 18:00 – 22:00
  • Oratorio Santa Maria delle Grazie, Palermo, Italy