The Live Concert Experience Anywhere

Standard high fidelity and cinematic audio formats provide various ways to enhance audio delivery. However, conventional speaker components lack the dynamic reproduction capabilities and visceral impact of a live show. L‑Acoustics professional-grade loudspeakers and amplifiers elevate media to a powerful and breathtaking concert-level experience in any environment.

Island Prestige

Discover immersive audio opulence in the proprietary BluSpace standard, elegantly packaged to become the centerpiece of your personalized media environment.

Island Signature

L-Acoustics Creations collaborates with visionary architects and designers to bring luxury without limitations in the form of limited signature editions.


Start a conversation about how audio and architecture can engage in new ways to create unparalleled listening sensations in the ultra-high resolution BluSpace standard.


Benefit from the live concert experience anywhere with pristine power and precision in solutions from stereo 2.0 to 9.1.4 atmospheric envelopment and beyond…