Enabling Audio Visions

Sketch the perfect soundscape for an exhibit, preserve a groundbreaking live performance in superb resolution or create a Bubble translating a spatialized approach to sound art. If you can dream it, L‑Acoustics Creations can supply the enabling technology and teams to produce transformative audio experiences and recordings.

Studio Facilities

Our studios in London, Los Angeles, and Paris are fully equipped with object-based, multidimensional L‑ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound technology mixing facilities for sound art creation or mixing that scales seamlessly to larger spaces.


Dimensions: 6.0m x 8.0m x 3.5m H

Located in Highgate, London just 5 miles north of Soho at the home of L‑ISA, this BluBubbles studio features a 23.1 L‑ISA installation where engineers, composers and artists can create and mix BluBubbles content with direct guidance from our L‑ISA and BluBubbles creative team.

The facility additionally includes a 96 square meter x 4 meters high BluBubbles playback environment that features both a music salon style L‑ISA Ocean installation and the more private oasis of L‑ISA Island within the context of a private art gallery.


Dimensions: 14.2m x 17.4m x 3.5m H

Housed within the R&D headquarters of L‑Acoustics just 35 km southwest of Paris, this larger format auditorium features an 18.1 L‑ISA installation where engineers can complete preproduction activities with direct support from our team of experts before embarking on tour.

The auditorium additionally allows playback of BluBubbles and contains the more private oasis of L‑ISA Island for a more intimate experience.

Request a Demonstration

Our London Sound Art Gallery is currently open by private appointment for parties of up to three people. Measures are in place to protect the health and safety of our guests, employees, and business partners, subject to UK government guidelines and implementation of social distancing best practices.

Please get in touch below to express your interest in experiencing our sound spaces in London, Paris, or Los Angeles.

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