Pitchblack Playback: Daniel Avery and Alessandro Cortini’s ‘Illusion of Time’ premieres at L-ISA

A 14-channel Syva system, blindfolded – how it should be heard

Blindfolded and lying in the foetal position on a bean bag surrounded by 40 other silent, horizontal listeners, we feel supremely cocooned – both physically and mentally. 

But let’s backtrack. If you haven’t been to L-Acoustics’ L-ISA showroom in London’s Highgate, you should; L-Acoustics holds regular listening sessions on Fridays. It’s a five-minute walk from Highgate tube station, and well worth it. 

We have had the pleasure of the L-ISA 14-channel Ocean sound system before, but L-Acoustics is hosting an extra-special event tonight, hence the traipse up a leafy north London hill. This time, however, it’s shoes off and blindfold on, because we’re about to be treated to the premiere of Daniel Avery and Alessandro Cortini’s latest work, Illusion of Time, in conjunction with Pitchblack Playback.

If you’re not familiar with Pitchblack’s work, the company organises listening sessions, inviting music-lovers to experience upcoming album releases and classic LPs as you’ve never heard them before: in a cinema or intimate space, in near-complete darkness.

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