Soprano Marina Rebeka, BluBubbles, and L-Acoustics Creations Partner on Opera World First with SPIRITO Bubble in Blu 23.1

There is nothing like a live opera performance: the drama of the story, the audience energy, and very audible moments of stillness and silence, too. It’s electric and alive – everyone feels everything. We wanted to capture that.

Marina Rebeka, soprano

In the course of making SPIRITO, a carefully curated collection of Bel Canto arias, Marina Rebeka’s desire for originality and impact led Rebeka to broaden her explorations to encompass studio and sound technologies.

“We live in an era of amazing progress in every area of technology. But the recording arts have not progressed in a meaningful way in the last 20 years,” ponders Rebeka. “We still work in very compressed formats. Music needs space! We shouldn’t settle for the lowest common denominator in music.”

Rebeka and her production team chose to partner with BluBubbles and L-Acoustics Creations to mix and master the recordings in the Blu 23.1 standard, providing ultra-high resolution, spatialized audio in 24 channels in L-Acoustics signature Immersive Hyperreal Sound technology.