Maestro Gustavo Dudamel in Seoul with the Los Angeles Philharmonic

Sound Defines Us

Sound makes us feel alive. Music lifts our spirits, infuses storytelling with drama, inspires us to move, and fosters a sense of well-being.

L‑Acoustics Creations unwavering dedication to music, sound art, and interior design ensures that each solution exemplifies that same sonic excellence that our pioneering audio technologies have provided to the professional audio industry for over 30 years.

Our Pro Audio DNA

L‑Acoustics is the world leader in premium professional sound systems for live events. From world-class artists on tour, to major music festivals in every genre, to opening and closing ceremonies of planetary sporting events, we are the trusted choice of event professionals who require extreme reliability and fidelity show after show.

Founded by Dr. Christian Heil in 1984 with the aim of developing solutions anchored in science to serve the concert industry, L‑Acoustics would go on to pioneer a technology known as the line source array, today’s universal standard for live sound.

In 2016, L‑Acoustics introduced L‑ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound, a technology that represents another paradigm shift in the live events industry, creating more meaningful connections between artists and audiences thanks to incredibly natural, multidimensional audio.

Now, for the first time in our company history, the incomparable precision and power of L‑Acoustics sonic expertise is available for specification in innovative spaces designed to delight the most exacting listeners.

Audio Innovation Begins Here

At L‑Acoustics, sound is our savoir-faire. We are constantly building upon our decades-long heritage of R&D to shape the future of sound. Our products are designed and manufactured according to the highest professional standards which we, as an industry leader, continue to define and elevate.

Only the finest, carefully calibrated and controlled components enter the manufacture of our loudspeakers, made exclusively on our premises in France and Germany with a state-of-the art approach to assembly techniques and quality assurance.

The Benchmark for Pro Performance

Intelligent electronics deliver colossal power that truthfully relays the stunning dynamics of live concert sound. Step into the sphere of professional-grade audio, turn up the volume, and enjoy listening bliss untainted by the distortion that characterizes conventional “high performance” sound systems.

Creative Team

The team behind L‑Acoustics Creations believes that sound can and should be spectacular, cinematic, magical, intimate—or whatever the artist intends it to be. This group of individuals representing diverse areas of scientific and technological expertise has come together united in a commitment to bring sonic innovation into homes, corporate environments, cultural spaces and exhibits, and special events. We seek to actively collaborate with like-minded individuals and organizations to purposefully consider and elevate the role of sound as a vector of emotion.

Christian Heil

President and Founder, L‑Acoustics

A passion for live music, further fueled by the inspiring sound design of Pink Floyd circa 1977, led quantum physics researcher Christian Heil to pursue a vocation that would become his life’s work: developing sound solutions to elevate the listening experience. Heil founded L‑Acoustics in 1984 and would revolutionize the live audio industry in the 1990s with the introduction of the line source technology that improves sound control over audiences of any scale. With the introduction of L‑ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound technology in 2016, L‑Acoustics aims to once again transform how the world experiences music in both live and recorded environments.

Guillaume Le Nost

Managing Director, L-Acoustics Ltd

With advanced degrees in Acoustics and Electric and Electronics Engineering while leading research projects for some of France’s largest corporations, coupled with a start-up entrepreneurial background in audio technology applied to gaming and VR, Guillaume Le Nost brings a rich cross-disciplinary and future-focused mindset to the L‑Acoustics Creative team, resolving technical challenges that would confound most with fresh perspectives.

Le Nost’s keen interest in music extends to the practice of the electric bass, having played and toured as a professional musician.

Sherif el Barbari

Director of L-ISA Labs

Few audio system engineers can lay claim to a résumé as illustrious as Sherif el Barbari. An early adopter of L‑Acoustics loudspeaker systems, el Barbari has designed concert sound systems and collaborated with numerous world-class talents on tour including Radiohead, Robbie Williams, Tina Turner, Joe Cocker, Prince, Genesis, Phil Collins, and Rod Stewart, among others.

Audio industry production professionals often simply refer to him as “The Egyptian Magician” for his uncommon ability to tame and channel room acoustics in ways that respectfully translate and amplify the artistic vision.

Christophe Combet

Executive Director of R&D, L‑Acoustics

Christophe Combet joined L‑Acoustics in 2002 and currently helms the uncompromising prototyping to production R&D pipeline that defines state-of-the-art for the audio industry. Combet was instrumental in the advent of L‑Acoustics Creations Island as well as Syva, a loudspeaker that blends aesthetics and standout performance parameters that defy the conventions of more traditional high-end audio solutions.

Combet is also an accomplished guitarist for the critically-lauded eclectic ensemble Yapa whose work has nourished early BluBubbles R&D efforts.

Genio Kronauer

Director of Electronics, R&D, L‑Acoustics

At age 14, Genio Kronauer was already repairing audio equipment for bands in his native Germany. Electronics would become his trade, first as an entrepreneur, starting a successful audio electronics company. In 2009, Kronauer founded L‑Acoustics Electronics division, building the team who ensures that signal processing works flawlessly and integrates well within the wider universe of sound reinforcement tools.

Kronauer has also played a key role in partnering with audio industry peers to drive vital initiatives around open-standard AV networking protocols for increased reliability and interoperability.

Frédéric Roskam

Head of Immersive Audio L-ISA

Frédéric Roskam took up classical violin at an early age, and later, metal guitar. The ability to shape and distort audio signals would influence a course of studies that bridges a love of science and music.

Experience in digital signal processing, machine learning, and algorithm development in the music technology and consumer electronics divisions of Sony and Philips informs his work at L-Acoustics. Roskam currently focuses on immersive audio algorithms as well as user-friendly hardware and app-based control solutions for seamless playback and enjoyment of hyperreal audio experiences.

Thierry Rieb

President, SIMEA

Thierry Rieb leads SIMEA, a manufacture founded in 1984, specialized in wooden cabinetry for high-end loudspeaker applications. SIMEA joined the L‑Acoustics Group of companies in 2007. The mastery of modern woodworking techniques and SIMEA’s dedication to fine craftsmanship that aligns form with function contributes substantially to L‑Acoustics distinctive sonic signature and built-to-last durability.

Rieb was personally involved in the compelling design project of Island, a fully self-contained auditorium that includes nearly 50 m² of tooled, assembled, shaped, and varnished woodwork.

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